Get ready for the LIVESTREAM concert event for #rockinroute66, Saturday, June 27th, at 6:15pm, EDT. Though we can not host the actually #festival this year, we wanted to do our part in providing a great introduction into the excitement of celebrating next year the 95th anniversary of #route66. You may watch this #livestream event on Rockin Route 66's Facebook page or on their website at This is a free live #concert broadcasting through the Kustom Kulture Network in Hell's Kitchen at the #garage71studios, Marietta, Georgia. Our very own #revandy of #garage71 radio and #greaseinc will be your host for the night. Though we understand this will not fill the shoes of Rockin' Route 66, we hope you'll enjoy a great show with amazing talent! You will be able to make donations to support the bands on our website, There is a donate button already up in the left side bar of the webpage as you scroll down. The funds will go towards the artists playing the performance. So many artists and entertainers have been devastated by the COVID pandemic. Most have lost nearly all performing gigs for this entire year. We will also be sharing in weeks to come their various social media pages so you may order merch directly from the bands performing.